Van & Flatbed Carriers - 2,000 carriers with fleets between 10 and 120 tractors

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Our comprehensive list of Van and Flatbed carriers based in the US and Canada.  Also included are carriers running conestogas and step decks.  

With your order you will receive

  • North American Van & Flatbed Carriers
    • 2,000 profiles of carriers in the USA and Canada 
    • Fleet sizes: 10 to 120 tractors
    • Total hidden capacity: 100K trucks and 240K trailers.

All carriers interviewed via telephone and include the following info:

  • Full Contact Info - Phone, Email, City, State, 3 Digit Zip, Website, MC, USDOT
  • Trailer ModesVan, Flatbed, Conestoga, or Step Deck
  • Operating Lanes/Regions - Regional, National, Canada, Mexico, etc.
  • SpecializationsTeams, In-bond, Cross-border, Hotshots, etc.
  • Color Commentary Additional hidden margin making gems uncovered during our interviews

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    Click here to download a sample copy of our North American CarrierLists.