North American Pneumatic Carriers

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Pneumatics are one of, if not the most difficult trailer type to source.  Even if you have a week to find one.  This is why having a list of 150 pneumatic carriers is a no brainer...because, if you do find one, the margins are well worth this small investment.  

This is the most comprehensive list of pneumatic carriers you will find anywhere.  Each carrier profile includes preferred lanes for each carrier, food grade, C-TPAT, customs bonds, hazmat, etc. 

With your order you will receive

  • North American Pneumatic Carriers 
    • Full profiles and contact info for 150 pneumatic carriers based in the USA and Canada, PLUS 325 dry bulk carriers.  

All carriers interviewed via telephone and include the following info:

  • Full Contact Info - Phone, Email, City, State, 3 Digit Zip, Website, MC, USDOT
  • Trailer Types - All carriers run pneumatic trailers
  • Trailer Fleet Counts - Carriers with fleets from 10 to 500 tractors/trailers
  • Preferred Lanes/Regions - Coast to Coast, Regional, Canada, Mexico, etc.
  • Specializations In-bond, C-TPAT, Food Grade, Hazmat etc.
  • Notesadditional hidden margin making gems uncovered during our interviews

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