North America Heavy Haulers - 500 carriers

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This list has all the carriers you need to capture the high margins available with permitted loads.  Doubles, RGNs, stretches, up to 21 axles, 200K weight limits. Inside you will find every trailer known to man that can haul any commodity you can imagine.

With your order you will receive

  • North American Heavy Haulers CarrierList
    • 500 heavy hauler profiles of carriers in the US and Canada

    All carriers interviewed via telephone and include the following info:

    • Full Contact Info - Phone, Email, City, State, 3 Digit Zip, Website, MC, USDOT
    • Trailer Fleet size - Fleets from 10 to 500 trailers
    • Trailer Modesflat, step, RGN, stretch, axles, etc.
    • Operating Lanes/Regions - Regional, National, International, etc.
    • SpecializationsTeams, Inbond, C-TPAT, Hazmat, etc.
    • Notesadditional hidden margin making gems uncovered our during interviews


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