North American Carriers: 10,000 Edition

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How many hours of pounding the phone would it take for you to build a truck book of 10,000 carriers?  The answer: you would need 2 people calling for 52 weeks. 

With your new North American CarrierLists set of 10,000 carriers though you will have your list in one simple download, and you can start seeing positive returns after 3 to 5 loads. 

Start turning your lost opportunities into margin.  

North American Carriers - 10,000 edition 
With your order you will receive: 

  • 10,000 profiles of carriers in the USA and Canada
  • Total hidden capacity: 425K trucks, and 500K trailers.
    • All carriers updated and verified as of April 2017
    • 1,900 hazmat carriers
    • 3,700 refrigerated carriers
    • 4,900 van & 2,700 flatbed carriers
    • 600 heavy haulers
    • 1,030 team carriers
    • 400 LTL carriers 
      • All carriers interviewed via telephone and include the following info:
        • Full Contact Info - Phone, Email, City, State, 3 Digit Zip, Website, MC, USDOT
        • Trailer Modesvan, reeefer, flatbed, intermodal, tanker, conestoga, pnuematic, heavy hauler, etc. 
        • Trailer Fleet Counts - Carriers with fleets from 5 to 500 trailers. 
        • Operating Lanes/Regions - Regional, National, Canada, Mexico, etc.
        • SpecializationsTeams, In-bond, C-TPAT, Hotshots, Hazmat, Produce, LTL, Warehousing, etc.
        • Color Commentary – additional hidden margin making gems uncovered during our interviews

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