About CarrierLists

"CarrierLists is a great tool for finding specialized carriers.  It is easy to use, packed with the trailer and lane details we need, and has the most comprehensive list of reputable carriers I have seen on the market."

Tony Dezonno
FAC Logistics
How you can cover more loads, win more bids, and grow your margins.

We all have the same issues with uncovered loads and lost quotes.  Both seem to be endless frustrations that float in and out of freight brokerages on a daily basis. 

What If your team had the Rolodex of carriers to convert just a fraction of your missed opportunities into margin?  Imagine having lists of specialized carriers on every desktop in your office.  Your team could be back on the phone moving freight, instead of wasting their time chasing unicorns by searching for carriers online.  

That’s why CarrierLists is your solution for covering more loads and winning more bids. 

Our lists of carriers are built by freight brokers for freight brokers.  This means you have the information you need to cover loads at your fingertips.  Search and sort carriers by zip, area code, trailer type, favorite lanes, specializations, or margin making notes uncovered in the interviews we conduct with every single carrier listed. 


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