New products are extending the shelf life of produce

Posted by Kevin Hill on

I recently ran across an article at Business Insider about a startup that is developing invisible, edible coatings to extend the shelf life of produce.

Apeel Sciences has developed its first products using leftover plant stems and skins.  When applied, produce can last an extra two to five days without refrigeration  

The FDA has just given approval for Apeel’s first products.  If it can be scaled up and rolled out it could allow more produce to travel without refrigeration.  It could also allow grocers to source from farms located outside of its traditional territories.   

Spray this invisible, edible coating on produce and it will last five times longer - (Includes phenomenal time elapsed GIFS)   

 Other highlights include:

  • The idea comes from the carbon and iron barrier that keeps stainless steel from rusting.
  • Produce with Apeel’s coating can generally get another week of shelf life.
  • Pricing is targeted to be right in the middle between traditional produce and organic.   
  • Apeel’s costs can be offset by reducing farm and transportation costs.


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