More Useful Resources for Moving Hazmat Freight

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More Useful Resources for Moving Hazmat Freight

Have you ever heard of the American Chemistry Council?  

If you haven't then you should check out their website and look into their Responsible Care program. Responsible Care is a member lead safety program for vendors.  This includes both brokers and carriers.  

It goes without saying, if you're not familiar with this program you should get familiar with it ASAP.  

Having an understanding of its Guiding Principles, Process Safety
Codes, and Security Codes is the difference between clients and prospects taking you seriously, or...well, you know the answer... 

American Chemistry Council - Responsible Care Program

When was the last time you moved a hazmat load into or out of Canada?  How about Mexico? What do you need to know?  Where do you go to find the info?  

It can be confusing.  No, I take that back, it is always confusing.  So, I thought I would send you a link to Transport Canada's website, along with the PHMSA PDF report for transporting Hazmat loads into or out of Mexico.  

Both have the info you need to minimize your confusion.  Plus if you can't find what you are looking for each website has contact information listed so you can always pick up the phone and ask.  

Transport Canada -Hazardous Materials 

PHMSA - Mexico - Regulation for the Land Transport of Hazmat Shipments

PHMSA - Mexico - Hazmat - Website 


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