How many carriers are ELD compliant? We did some research to find out.

Posted by Kevin Hill on

Over the past few weeks we've been asking carriers on our call lists about ELDs.  

We're a bit shocked at how few carriers have started the process.  Of the 633 carriers we've asked, only 23% have or are in the process of installing ELDs.  

Admittedly our sampling isn't scientific, but it does include carriers from a wide swath of the country with fleets from 5 to 100 trucks.  You can download a spreadsheet of our results by clicking here.

Please let us know what you've been hearing and seeing.  We're not sure if our 23% is an outlier, or if it's in line with the real numbers.

In any case, we'll continue publishing updates every couple of weeks to see if there's any change in our results.  


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