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I wanted to share links to a few of the produce and cold food news sites that I check out on a regular basis.  

I always like to spend an hour or so each week to stay on top of the industry headlines.

We are constantly talking to refrigerated carriers here at  This means the more info we know and can share, the longer we can extend our conversations.  

And the longer our interviews, the better information we collect.  Including preferred lanes, produce regions, commodity specialties, and team drivers.  

Everyone likes to talk about what they do right?  That's how we build our credibility to get all of the information you need to cover more loads and make higher margins. 

Produce and Refrigerated News  - publishes real time information on fruit and vegetable forecasts and hauling opportunities that are already underway or coming up soon.

The Packer  is one of the industry standard publications.  Includes news and scoops on all of the companies operating in the produce industry.

The Produce News is another of the industry standards.  All of the news and updates need to know what is going on in the world of produce.

Produce Grower  - all of the grower trends you need to impress your customers and prospects. 

Food Safety News - Good site to stay out in front of in regards to Food regulations.

Refrigerated and Frozen Foods  - Industry topics, guides, and directories.

Produce Retailer  - News on the retail side of produce.

Produce Market Guide  - Comprehensive data on all types of produce.  Including overviews, varieties, availability, seasons, average retail price, etc.

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