AIG and Zurich drop insurance coverage as verdicts go 'Nuclear'

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With several lawsuits being awarded with values over the $20m range Zurich and AIG have dropped coverage on commercial for hire fleets this year.

Plaintiffs' attorneys are partly responsible for these huge verdicts.  Their strategy is shifting away from finding individual drivers at fault, and moving towards blaming inadequate maintenance and safety oversights of entire trucking firms. 

'Nuclear' Verdicts Have Insurers Running From Trucks - WSJ

This strategy will make even more sense for plaintiffs as trucks become more self driving.  In much the same way airlines have black boxes monitoring the performance of its airplanes, trucking companies will have digital records (which can be subpoenaed) of the performance of its fleets.  

Any negligence or fudging of the reporting will be much harder to accomplish.  Ignorance won't be an option when digital records are presented as evidence a trucking company knew it was at risk, and chose not to fix a potentially lethal issue. 

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