2 Useful Hazmat Shipping Guides

Posted by Kevin Hill on

How often do you have to scrounge around to find answers when customers or carriers ask about hazmat loads?  

If you're like most freight brokers who aren't hazmat gurus, then your answer is probably, "I scrounge around looking for answers on just about every hazmat question".  

That’s why we wanted to send you a couple of handy hazmat guides from the Feds.  We've always found both easy to use and helpful.  So helpful in fact, that both have saved us from sounding like idiots too many times to count.    

FMCSA Hazmat Placard Guide - Easy to use 4 page PDF with class descriptions and images of the placards needed.

PHMSA List of Hazardous Materials Descriptions - this list is in Excel so you can easily search specific materials quickly.


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